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We started “FOO-FOODIE” with a passion to provide high-quality, healthy, and natural spices to restaurants and local foodservice facilities.

Our magical taste was well admired by the regional renowned chief and their recommendation and our effort resulted in compound growth in consumption of Foo Foodie products.

Today started exporting Foo- Foodie products globally.

TAKEAWAY brand designed to “Bring the changes” in takeaway food packaging industry. Our solution approach lead below smart benefit:-

  • Reinforces Your Brand Identity
  • Protects Against Cross-Contamination
  • Helps Sell More Food
  • Makes Food More Appealing
  • Controls the Temperature
  • Minimalistic Packaging
  • Showcases Your Values
  • Convenient Packaging

Easy to be disposed of, all Mediclixx medical disposables are handpicked with selected high-quality materials to ensure the utmost hygiene, safety and resistance in compliance with strict European/FDA regulations.

Our brand is well consumed or distributed in medical and sport field or sold on the mass retail market –among them: ice packs, spray cans, surgical masks, gowns, gloves, heat packs, bibs, dental care, disposable tray papers, dental cotton rolls, dental bibs etc.

CLEAN-O-CLEAN was formed with the vision of minimizing the impact of toxic chemicals on earth and living bodies.

Our sole goal is to be sustainability-focused consumer brand and Clean-O-Clean is committed across the value chain from ingredients and packaging to end of life solutions.

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