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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the family of

The United Arab Emirates (the land of opportunity) is a country of visionary leaders, passionate to give the world unique & different experiences. This always inspires us to stretch the boundaries of what can be achieved. was born by seizing many ideas, great passion, and opportunity. We believe that success belongs to those who dare to dream first, then set a plan, execute, monitor, and continuously improve service and product offerings.



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To be successful in the digital age you have to be responsive, agile, competitive, innovative and open to change. is an eco-system lead by strong leadership who are passionate to bring the change in “online and offline shopping experience”. Our cutting-edge hybrid model (technology and human intelligence) is designed to simplify the complexity of B2B & B2C “Buying and Selling” of products and services. We offer buyers and suppliers digitalized, sustainable one window solution for all day to day requirements of business, household and other basic amenities.

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Latest Technology

Agile algorithms

Global Coverage

User friendly APP & Website

Multi lingual ambassador

Deep dive Intelligence

Tailored made IT solution

State of the art ERP & CRM module

Inventory & Forecast forge Ahead component

Sales & Operation planning tools

Business Process Re-engineering

Tactical Buying elements

Auction – For last minute negotiation

Contract Management

SCOR performance attribute

Limiting risk

365 days, 24X7 best buying deals

Convenient unique on-demand services

Essential daily requirements just a click away

Sustainable Solution


Our MISSION is to provide “WORLD’s MOST POWERFUL AGILE BUSINESS ECO-SYSTEM” which contains A-2-Z of every household and business.


Our VISION is to build “BEST-IN-CLASS TECHNOLOGY” that will offer convenience and create opportunities by empowering every business and household.


VALUE that reflects, YOU have high-quality, competitive, hygienic, creative, sustainable & Value for money products and services.

VALUE that assures, YOU and your family are in safe hands. We work to be remarkably transparent, sincere, trustworthy and reliable partners.

VALUE that ensures, YOU that your health and well-being are among our top priorities.

VALUE that seal, YOU are using most advance technology and create great satisfaction in you.



WE DO ? is a powerful "Eco-System". We offer most affordable and comprehensive solution to businesses of all sizes business and household needs through our 10,000 + products, +50 unique on-demand services and In-House tailor made solution such as ERP, CRM, Market research and Procurement services.

10,000+ Products

50+ Unique Services

Consulting Operation Partners



It’s one thing to deliver good service to a customer, but quite another to achieve this with regular consistency.

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We utilize world’s technology and methodologies to be impactful and efficient than our competitors. Every customer needs are different and we are able to offer wide selection of products, services and solutions to suit each specific requirement coming from each continent across the globe on every day basis:


We started “FOO-FOODIE” with a passion to provide high-quality, healthy, and natural spices to restaurants and local foodservice facilities.

Our magical taste was well admired by the regional renowned chief and their recommendation and our effort resulted in compound growth in consumption of Foo Foodie products.

Today started exporting Foo- Foodie products globally.

TAKEAWAY brand designed to “Bring the changes” in takeaway food packaging industry. Our solution approach lead below smart benefit:-

  • Reinforces Your Brand Identity
  • Protects Against Cross-Contamination
  • Helps Sell More Food
  • Makes Food More Appealing
  • Controls the Temperature
  • Minimalistic Packaging
  • Showcases Your Values
  • Convenient Packaging

Easy to be disposed of, all Mediclixx medical disposables are handpicked with selected high-quality materials to ensure the utmost hygiene, safety and resistance in compliance with strict European/FDA regulations.

Our brand is well consumed or distributed in medical and sport field or sold on the mass retail market –among them: ice packs, spray cans, surgical masks, gowns, gloves, heat packs, bibs, dental care, disposable tray papers, dental cotton rolls, dental bibs etc.

CLEAN-O-CLEAN was formed with the vision of minimizing the impact of toxic chemicals on earth and living bodies.

Our sole goal is to be sustainability-focused consumer brand and Clean-O-Clean is committed across the value chain from ingredients and packaging to end of life solutions.




IT Solutions


Business Partners

Worldwide Supply


Operation (UAE, China, Brazil & India)